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Ecco on Helen – EnviroDevelopment

Ecco on Helen has been awarded certification in five key EnviroDevelopment elements; Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community. Developed by PDMS Group, the luxury apartment complex situated in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Teneriffe was designed to capitalize on unmet owner occupier demand in a market dominated by investor-orientated apartments. The holistic approach toward waste and materials has been highly commended at Ecco on Helen.With the site’s previous use as an old warehouse, materials have been reclaimed for use within the project or for other construction projects. Materials have also been recycled by a local sculptor and are integrated into the intricate pieces featured in the communal areas of the apartment complex.

Incorporating a central atrium, the unique design of Ecco on Helen encourages a greater sense of community throughout the development as well as a visually stimulating interior environment.

At a Glance/Fast Facts – Ecco on Helen

  • Photovoltaic panels on the roof provide back up power for all the communal lighting and power.
    Roof water is collected and stored in the basement rainwater tanks for landscape irrigation and general cleaning.
  • Ecco on Helen incorporates an open central atrium which provides access to natural light and ventilation for all apartments. The atrium also includes the unique artwork and sculptural pieces of a local Queensland Artist which have utilized recycled materials from the site.
  • The use of efficient fixtures and appliances in the building has achieved a 42% above regulation reduction in greenhouse gas production and a 31% above regulation reduction in potable water use.
  • All building materials were carefully selected such as concrete with a recycled component, as well as low emission paints, adhesives and sealants.
  • Ecco on Helen is located within close proximity to multiple local facilities such as eateries, public transport and grocery stores, encouraging the use of active transport options.