Artwork and Sculptures

As soon as you walk through the large pivot front door into ecco on Helen you know you have entered a different space. As you head towards the lift along the LED lit corridor, you are intrigued with the floor to ceiling three dimensional art tryptic and you begin to wonder what strange but wonderful world have you entered into. Overcome by the tactile and sensual art with its strange yet familiar flora, you start to wonder in anticipation of what’s to come ahead in the atrium area.

Upon arrival to the podium level, larger than life sculptural plant life immediately excites your senses as you stare at the unique handpainted sculptures with amazing colours that dazzle the eyes.  All around you are illusions of forest shadows and reflective backgrounds that add depth and interest to the atrium by turning the whole area into a unique piece of art, like having your very own art gallery.

As you walk further into your new space and begin to look up, huge suspended leaf skeletons with numerous reflective paint finishes from the levels above make your visual senses go into overdrive. At night the artworks take on a new life with lights dazzling off the unique paint finishes. These artworks were designed to give the people who live at ecco on Helen, an art experience to enjoy every day and to call their own.  The inspiration came from the artist’s strong interest in horticulture and to create plant life that can only exist in the imagination.

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