4D Lighting


4D Lighting Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian specialist LED lighting supplier. They offer a complete lighting solution that focuses on good design, high quality and efficiency. The entire team is focused and passionate and has a full knowledge of the lighting industry and all the current trends and products.

All 4D Lighting Solutions products are designed to be easily installed thus removing any potential complications and speeding up the installation time. They can also assist with the design of electrical installations and in the selection of suitable lighting products that will compliment a project (big or small) and importantly, meet the client’s budget.

Like most modern industries, the lighting industry is changing at a faster rate than ever before with new products and technology being developed regularly. 4D Lighting Solutions keep up to date with new product designs, functionality and technology by attending international Lighting Fairs and membership of various lighting industry associations.

As we all know, conservation of energy is a key part of our lives today and we all should do our bit in protecting our world and conserving our limited resources. At 4D Lighting Solutions we design and choose products that are efficient and thus contribute to a more sustainable and cleaner environment.